Welcome to the Eliv Rosenkranz FAQ page. Here, you'll find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to help!

Getting to know our paper

Currently, we have two handmade paper collections: Our Basic Handmade Paper Collection consists all of our most popular colours and formats. We keep a generous stock and during high season, we'll prioritise this collection in our production. Our Limited Handmade Paper Collection is where we'll regularly feature new limited edition colours. If you like to experiment, need paper for an editorial shoot or have a small, unique paid job - this is where you'll discover inspiring new colours!

Generally, we try to keep the paper mostly around 350 gsm. Please keep in mind that this is a handmade product and there can be slight variations in thickness and weight. If paperweight is very important for your planned project, please contact us immediately after purchasing and we’ll see what we can do you for you.

Yes, it is. We made sure to develop a modern handmade paper, suitable for all needs. Here’s a tutorial on how to print on our paper digitally.

Yes, it is. Our customers love to print letterpress on it.

Yes, it is. Our customers love it for calligraphy and Claudia, our founder and creative director, is a calligrapher herself. We have several tutorials on calligraphy on our blog.

Yes, yes and yes. Many of our artist customers love to paint and draw on the paper for its beautiful unique texture.

Our paper is 100 percent cotton from sustainable sources. Please see this blog post for more info.

Experiment Bundles are our special Eliv Rosenkranz Bundles that we offer in a sale few times a year. They include different colours (experiments we did and colours we only made one batch of, new shades that you can’t yet purchase etc.) and different sizes. They’re neatly packed in a beautiful Bundle and they’re here to inspire you to create fun experiments with your designs. They’re great for styled shoots or to get to know our products.

We can’t tell you how many pieces of each format and each size are in each Bundle because we don’t count them and they’re different for each Bundle. That’s the fun about Bundles: They’re meant to surprise you and inspire you this way.

We only offer a very limited amount of Experiment Bundles for each sale and once they’re gone, they’re gone – until the next sale.

Our paper is adapted to mostly European standard DIN sizes but also some American formats and some formats we created ourselves. Because they’re a handmade product, made in a non-industrial way, our sizes don’t correspond to standard sizes exactly. But they are very similar to standardised sizes. Please refer to our size guide for our exact Eliv Rosenkranz measurements.

We currently don’t offer paper making workshops. For learning the art of papermaking, we love YouTube tutorials and lots of deep studying and experimenting. That’s how we learned: experimenting, trial and error are still the best ways to learn this craft in our opinion.

Our paper is not made from recycled paper, it’s made from 100 percent cotton from sustainable sources. Please see this blog post for more info.

No :-) Neither the sizing nor our pigments are toxic or bad for the environment. We optimised our paper making process to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible while still making sure the product is up to modern, professional designers’ standards. Please read this blog post for more info.

Buying our paper

We’re not able to create or ship smaller orders than what we currently offer in our shop, due to logistics and our small team and the resulting infrastructure.

We’re always happy to provide you larger quantities than we currently offer in our shop. Please drop us a quick email and specify how much paper in what formats and colours you would need (plus: let us know your timeframe). And we’ll see what we can do for you.

At the moment we don´t offer custom formats.

If you’re based in the EU and don’t have a VAT number, 20 percent Austrian VAT will be applied at checkout. If you’re based in the EU and have a VAT number, you need to create an account with us and fill in your VAT number yourself before your purchase. We can’t do that on our end and we can’t deduct the VAT after you’ve purchased. When you’re already in the middle of shopping, please click into the actual shopping cart – not just the small pop up on the right of your screen. There will be a field where you can enter your VAT. It will be automatically deducted. 

No Austrian VAT will be applied to your purchase. Instead you will have to calculate with custom fees in your country. We can’t calculate what those will be since they vary from country to country. We’re legally obligated to declare each shipment with the invoice visible from outside the package which is how we always ship our packages. This makes the shipping as smooth as possible in cooperation with our shipping partners.

As soon as each product in your order is ready to be shipped, we can't hold your parcel longer than three business days.
We can't store your parcel in our workshop and each change (adding items, switching items etc.) to an existing order is an extra effort for our very small team. Thank you for understanding!

However, if the desired change to an existing order is very urgent, please write us a quick email and we'll see what we can do. Please note: Changes are not possible if
- your parcel is already closed
- production for your order has already started.

Depending on what change you request, we may charge a service fee!

Shipping our Paper

We’re based in beautiful Austria, in a small village up on a hill in the state of Lower Austria. Come visit the region, it’s lovely here.

Yes, we do ship to almost every country and have many happy customers all over the world.

That depends on your location. You can check out shipping costs at checkout in your shopping cart.

For EU customers we currently offer shipping by DPD and DHL Express. DPD is more affordable but also slower. DHL Express is quicker but higher priced.

For customers outside the EU we currently only offer shipping with DHL Express.They’re the best and safest option for international shipping.

No, we currently don’t have a shop or gallery. If you’d like to check out our products, we have a lovely selection of samples that give a great overview on colours, sizes, textures, workability.

We don’t consider the shipping as expensive; we consider it safe. Our paper is a handmade product and a labour of love which is perishable when exposed to bad conditions. We want our customers to feel safe when ordering and the paper to arrive safe and sound. We’ve had too many bad experiences in the past with cheaper options and we’ve only had good experiences shipping with trusted and professional carriers.

The more you order, the more affordable shipping becomes though. Please refer to this chart for more info on that. So, it’s a great idea to partner with a friend or colleague and order more for example.

Generally, we ship items that are in stock within 1-3 business days on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Made-to-order items will ship within max. five weeks.

Production times depends on which articles you order. If your order contains a made-to-order product, it will take 3-5 weeks until we ship out your full order - even if your order also contains ready-to-ship products. Per default we don't split shipments into several smaller parcels with different production and shipping times.

However, if you need some ready-to-ship products sooner, write us a quick email and let us know! We're happy to send those sooner and will send you an invoice for the additional standard or Express shipping fee.

Please switch to envelope printing mode or change the paper weight in your printer settings to thickest weight. Pro tip: small stains from printing can be removed by very gently scraping the very top layer of your paper with a scalpel or craft knife. Please also see this tutorial for printing on handmade paper digitally.

Not every ink is suitable for handmade paper, some work better than others. Just keep on testing and experimenting to find the right combination for you and your calligraphy style. Our founder Claudia’s favourite combination is the Rohrer&Klinger ink with the Brause&Co 33M nib. We’ve also assembled lots of different combinations of nibs and ink on our blog.

We recommend medium nibs in this case and please keep on practising, trust us :-) You need to get acquainted with the material, how much pressure to apply etc. Our founder Claudia always thought she wasn’t applying any pressure on the paper but the longer she practiced, she realised she did still apply pressure on the paper. From our experience, the easiest nib for learning is the one in this blog post.

Our customers tell us they love HP printers for working with our paper. The Canon Pro100 also works nicely.

Sometimes we do. If you’re interested in our print services, digital or letterpress, please send us a short email to office@elivrosenkranz.at

Currently we don’t offer design or calligraphy services. Please see our designer features blog posts for all the wonderful designers that work with our paper – we can highly recommend each one of them for your design needs.