Every single sheet of Eliv Rosenkranz paper is lovingly and mindfully made from hand. 
It is specifically designed to last for generations.                  

Step 1 

Soft cotton fibers are sourced from my fiber maker in Spain. With cotton as the base of the paper, a mixture is made and formed into a formula for paper.  


From there, pigment is chosen and mixed carefully followed by several additions of other elements to guarantee the very highest quality paper. These small steps insure that the paper will be firm and keep ink from bleeding so that it’s the perfect mixture for all your paper needs.        


Step 2

A frame (known in the paper making world as “mould and deckle”) is then pulled paper sheets from a large tub of the cotton mixture. This is the most important moment where I can decide the shape, size, and feel and heaviness of the paper. The process is repeated again and again. Dipping the deckle, as the paper comes to live with each movement through the mixture. It truly is when I feel in my zone of genius. The studio fills with music and the paper finds its rhythm of creation.     

Step 3 

I place the stack of freshly made paper into a hydraulic press until most of the water has been eliminated. The paper now starts to take form, drying from the water for the very first step.


Step 4 

To finish the process of drying, I take the paper, sheet by sheet, and put it on a clothesline or adhere them to a wooden board for drying. The paper is still very delicate at this point, so each movement is important.


Step 5 

When the paper is fully dry, I press the sheets of paper for the second time. This time, the paper dries over overnight, until it is thin, smooth, luxurious and perfect for writing.

Each piece of paper is inspected carefully checking for texture and thickness, and sort the most beautiful pieces into bundles. The paper is then wrapped and shipped lovingly to your home for you to create, dream, and write.  


Photos: Katja Scherle


  • Anna Bahrami von Botanikliebelei

    Ich bin so verliebt in dein Papier! Ich hoffe, dass du irgendwann einen Workshop anbietest…ich wäre zu 100% dabei.

    Liebe Grüße aus Heidelberg

  • Sabine aus WO(rms) in Deutschland

    Eine schöne Erklärung mit tollen Photos.
    Zu gerne wäre ich ja mal “Mäuschen” ;)
    Bleibt gesund und munter!
    Herzliche Grüße
    Sabine aus WO

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