How sustainable and eco-friendly is Eliv Rosenkranz...?

Our paper feels very organic and natural and this is just what we've worked towards while developing it. But you may be wondering: Are our production process and our logistics as eco-friendly and sustainable as our paper feels?

The short answer: Yes! Because that's just extremely important to us and has been from the start. 
The long answer... Well read below.

handmade paper making wood frame speckled with cotton bits and a woman working in the backgorund

  • Our paper is 100 percent cotton which is a big part of its beautiful and lush quality. But the part of the cotton we use is actually coming from cotton waste from the textile industry. It's the very short fibres - called linters - that the textile producers have no use for. We use it to make our paper pulp. So we're actually happy to be a part of the reduce-reuse-recycle-movement.
  • Our pigments are eco-friendly and sustainable and come with dozens of eco-conscious certificates.
  • Our sizing is synthetically made, not from animal sources which makes our paper vegan
  • All our materials come from Europe, so there are very short shipping routes. Meaning reduced emissions. 

  • We reuse our water as often as possible and don't drain it after one session.

  • All our team members can work very close by to their homes or sometimes even from home which is essential because we're all mothers and grandmothers in our team. We try to make working for us as family-friendly as possible.

  • We use eco friendly packing materials and cut down our use of plastic to an absolute minimum. We only pack our paper in paper and cartons which are fully biodegrable.

 black and white photo of a forest and sky


It's our great ambition to provide a modern and professional paper product that still feels beautifully organic - but at the same time we want to work as ecofriendly as possible. And we want to make sure we also create a nurturing environment for all our whole team!

By the way, the beautiful forest you see in this picture is the forest surrounding our little Austrian village. And it's our great hope to preserve nature not only here but everywhere around the globe and we're happy to do our part!

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