Small format, great possibilities - handmade paper place cards

It’s the moment of the second big reveal on a wedding day (the first of course being the bride and groom in their wedding attire): Your guests are seeing the reception for the first time, all the beauty you’ve been planning and envisioning for months. And then they find their home for the evening, their beautifully decked seat. Place cards and escort cards make them feel immediately at home and welcome. 

In our shop we offer three different sizes of paper that can be used as place cards and escort cards. By the way, a little tip: They work great as special gift tags, small greeting cards, name tags, note cards etc. 

Place cards (50 x 100 mm / 1.97 x 3.94 inches) are the classic format. They are perfect for calligraphy or handwriting your guests’ name on them. They fit nicely with my menu cards, especially with the ones in the DL and DIN A5 format. They can also be placed on an underplate or tucked into a napkin. They lay flat on the surface. They are not suitable for digital printing on most standard printers because of their format. 

DIN A7 are a slightly bigger alternative to the classic place cards in the shop. They come in 74 x 105 mm / 2.91 x 4.14 inches. They’re great if you need more text or space on the place card or maybe want to add a wax seal or an illustration. Of course they also offer themselves when you want to write your guests’ last name on there as well. They are not suitable for digital printing on most standard printers because of their format.

Please note: DIN A7 sheets are made-to-order.

Folded Place Cards are DIN A6 sheets folded in the middle, so they’re standing upwards themselves and have the same format as DIN A7 cards (74 x 105 mm / 2.91 x 4.14 inches), but of course on each side of the fold. They can be placed in front of an underplate, a napkin and/or a menu card. They can also be used as escort cards, meaning: The guest’s name is written on the one side of the cards, the table number is written on the other side of the card. The guest finds their name and sees which table they’re sitting on. The cards escort your guests to their tables. They are suitable for digital printing.

Rolled Place Cards are another option we carry exclusively here at Eliv Rosenkranz. Read our blog post on this special format.

All sizes comes with our signature deckled edges, gorgeous handmade texture and can be ordered in the shop in bundles of twenty pieces. They come in all colours our shop offers. 

If you're looking for the perfect way to write on place cards, here's our handwriting handy tutorial.

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