How to roll our rolled place cards

The name may be a bit misleading but the format is exceptionally pretty. They’re called Rolled Place Cards but they actually don’t come rolled but they’re delivered straight and flat. Here’s a little tutorial on how to perfectly roll this format for the greatest effect on your festive table.

We made this format specially at the request of a loyal customer and we loved it so much that we’ve used it again and again. It creates that certain wow effect and shows that you made an extra effort to welcome your guests! Our team also likes to use them for celebrations and so this time, right for an occasion, I calligraphed the names of a team member’s guest for them.

Rolling themselves is very easy once you have tried it.

      1. You need a round pen / stick / chopstick (it needs to be round, no hexagonal or similar, you will see the marks in the paper).
      2. First you write on the Place Card whatever you want and need, preferably centered (but you can still cheat if it's not quite centered).
      3. I turn the place card 90 degrees towards me and roll the round pen into the lettering (roll it away from me).
      4. I then turn the Place Card around 180 degrees and turn it so that the lettering is facing downwards and roll the pen back in until the lettering is visible.
      5. After this process, I pull the place card back into shape with my fingers as desired (either turn it again, or loosen the roll again and center the lettering).

        There you go – you rolled your own place cards!


    You can also roll the two ends at an angle, first to the left and then to the right, to make it a little more dynamic.

      Happy gatherings!

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