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Picture this: You’re hosting a beautiful outdoor dinner for friends and family in late summer. Maybe you’re celebrating a birthday, with a delicious, decadent meal at your home. Or perhaps you’re throwing a lovely wedding shower soirée full of food and laughter. No matter how you look at it, there’s always a reason to celebrate with food. We’ve curated a bespoke selection of menu cards in our shop in a variety of styles to best suit your gathering. 



Menu size 
To offer the perfect format for a menu card, we created a custom sized place card that’s unique to our shop. It’s 125 mm x 205 mm / 4.92 x 8.07 inches. It’s wider but shorter than DIN DL and overall smaller than DIN A5 which makes it the perfect format to display a regal menu on. It’s very versatile in terms of layout: It can be minimalist with a lot of negative space above the text and it’s also great to be filled with text more. Also great if you’re offering your guests several options.

It’s not too big and not too small, so it feels nice and comfortable to hold and read.

It can be placed on an underplate with a napkin or a little twig on top of it. 

It can also be placed directly onto the table when there’s no underplate and because of its size, it will optically fill out the space between the cutlery. 




DIN Lang/Long/DL is a very classic European format in the size 110 mm x 220 mm or 4.33 x 8.66 inches. It’s twice as long as it’s wide and therefore very slender and modern. With the right font size it’s able to display a longer meal or for a shorter meal it leaves a lot of minimalist negative space. It’s a great format to put over an empty plate and next to a napkin. It also excels when put vertically on the table, if you don’t plan on putting a menu card onto every seat. Because of its height it can easily be spotted by everyone sitting on the table. 




DIN A5 is the paper format your guests will recognise from their daily life and everyday use. It’s size is 148 x 210 mm / 5.83 x 8.27 inches. Because of that it feels a little more casual but is a great format to use as a menu card. It’s overall the biggest of all three and has a lot of space. Therefore you’re able to use bigger fonts and put a lot of text on there - or even some extra text like a little poem or a greeting to your guests. 

It’s also great to be put onto a table when there are no underplates, because it fills out the space between the cutlery nicely. 



All three sizes comes with our signature deckled edges, gorgeous handmade texture and can be ordered in the shop in bundles of twenty pieces. They come in all basic colours my shop offers.




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    I would love to try out your menu cards.

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