Sage Circle 8 Sheets

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  • Sage: a fresh Mediterranean Green
  • 20x Circle Sheets
  • approx. 350 gsm
  • 85 mm / 3.3 inches
  • ready to ship
  • handmade paper for calligraphers and artists
  • produced by hand in Austria
  • natural deckled edge all around, each piece is unique
  • structure suitable for calligraphy, digital printing, letterpress or hot foil stamping 

Sage is a colour that transports you instantly: a cool light green, reminiscent of the Mediterranean and those subtle muted tones the sea and the sun create. Of course it lends itself to those Tuscan inspired wedding invitations but it also works great with any romantic design. It can also feel fresh, young and happy combined with a minimalist or even fun playful layout. We're certain Sage will become one of your favourite colours, because it's so versatile. 

Handmade in Austria, natural deckled edge

Our handmade paper was developed especially for calligraphers, artists and printers and is produced in our small workshop in Austria. All 4 edges have a beautiful natural deckle edge.

The structure is suitable for calligraphy, digital printing, letterpress or hot foil stamping (please test before). However, we recommend that you always make a test before placing any larger orders.

Each sheet of paper is unique in shape and color, none is the same as the other. They are all perfectly imperfect, which is the character of handmade paper.

Please note:
These are handcrafted natural products. It is possible that there are differences in the brightness of the shades from batch to batch. This means, some can come out a little darker, some a little lighter. Within your order, we will do our best to assure the brightness is the same within one shade.

We love neutral colours. They are timeless, go with everything and look great on anything and anyone. We carry a lovely selection of 8 colours, covering a wide range of colour familes, but also staying in our signature muted, timeless realm. Here's a helpful overview of our Basic Colours.
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Please note that we mainly offer European Formats. These are all marked with "DIN".

In order to expand our range of products, we’re including the format A7 (5"x7") and 4 BAR based on North American Standard Paper Formats.

Handmade Paper Format Guide Eliv Rosenkranz Sizes

Sage Circle 8 Sheets
Sage Circle 8 Sheets
Sage Circle 8 Sheets
Sage Circle 8 Sheets
Sage Circle 8 Sheets
Sage Circle 8 Sheets
Sage Circle 8 Sheets

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