Paper Twine Medium White
Paper Twine Medium White
Paper Twine Medium White
Paper Twine Medium White

Paper Twine Medium White

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Perfect for crafting and gift-wrapping, this Paper Twine in Medium White offers a modern look for your projects. Crafted from 100% paper, this twine is a great environmentally-friendly option with a beautiful finish. Make a statement with your projects with this sturdy, reliable twine.

A beautiful wooden spool of 131 yards (120m) Medium Paper Twine made in Vienna.

Diameter of the paper twine: approx. 0.02 in (0.6mm)
Quantity: approx. 131 yds (120m)
The spool is 2.4 in (6cm).

At Eliv Rosenkranz, we're committed to providing our customers with high-quality handmade paper in a range of sizes. Please note that our main paper formats are European, marked with "DIN". These formats are widely recognized and widely used throughout Europe.

However, we recognize the importance of catering to all of our customers' needs. That's why we've expanded our product range to include North American standard paper sizes as well. We now offer A7 (5"x7") and 4 BAR formats, which are commonly used in North America for a variety of applications.

Our A7 (5"x7") size is perfect for creating elegant invitations, personalized stationery, or works of art. This size is also commonly used for greeting cards, postcards, and other small projects. The 4 BAR size is another popular option for small projects, perfect for creating note cards, place cards, or gift tags.

No matter what your project requires, we're confident that we have the right size of paper for you. Our handmade paper is crafted using traditional methods and the finest quality materials, ensuring that each sheet is unique and beautiful.

If you have any questions about our paper sizes or need help choosing the right size for your project, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to provide guidance and assistance to our customers.

Handmade Paper Format Guide Eliv Rosenkranz Sizes

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