Understanding Calligraphy – Claudia writes 

Calligraphy is like dancing or playing an instrument. Of course, first and foremost, you need a certain love for aesthetics and an artistic spirit to master it. But the second most important things are the right “instruments” and: practice. Yes, a lot of practice. It’s the art of movement on a delicate surface. Our founder and creative director Claudia, first a calligrapher (and dancer) and then a papermaker, will be sharing everything she knows and learnt in this blog series. From great nibs and inks to techniques and general thoughts. So in the end the dance on paper will become so much easier for you! 


the easiest nib for beginners


More than a year ago I wrote the last time a blogpost "How to".
Now I finally have some new tips for you.

I love Nikko G or Zebra G, which is why I recommended it to you in this blog post. For beginners, I can now recommend a better nib:


B R A U S E   &  C O
N o .   3 3 M


I bought it here: Kallipos Kalligraphy      //      (Werbung, weil Markennennung, alles selbst bezahlt)


As the name suggests, the stroke width is medium which makes the upstroke easier. So you don’t run the risk of fibers sticking to the nib if too much pressure is applied.

I have ordered other nibs and will test them all and report back to you. I am curious whether there will be new favorites.



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