COLOUR STORIES - How a shade comes to life: White

White paper is white is white – or is it? Again and again, we get questions about our lightest shade. Oftentimes new clients are afraid the shade might be too bright or cool. We can always assure them to not worry – our handmade paper White will never be an anorganic and bleak shade. But how do we make it….? Let me recount the ins and outs of our most classic and most popular shade.

Handmade Paper Off White

The only colour that has never changed

Our White is the only colour that has never changed since our beginnings. That’s because we don’t add any pigments to our raw material, one hundred percent cotton.

Handmade Paper Eliv Rosenkranz White

Comparison to different kinds of common white papers

The most common question we get from new customers: is it a “white-white” or is it an off white? First off: White is a difficult colour to define. There is no Pantone colour to guide you (or is there? Feel free to let me know). Without a reference, you can't tell if it has a "colour cast" after all. So, for illustrations’s sake, let’s compare it to some white pieces of paper:

  • If you compare it with our (ordinary) printer paper: our handmade paper is definitely more subdued and warmer in white.
  • Compared to Gmund paper, our handmade paper is slightly warmer than Gmund Cotton paper in Linen Cream.
Handmade Paper Eliv Rosenkranz White
Compared to Lettra bright white, our handmade paper is "a little bit softer than Lettra bright white". Thanks to our dear American customers, we can also provide this kind of comparison. (In Europe I have not yet found a paper supplier that carries this brand - again, please let me know if you have a source).

    To summarise, compared to different paper brands, our White lands at a bright but not too bright middle ground. What I like most about it is that it has no "yellow tint" – it’s a rather neutral tone, I feel.


     Claudia’s personal design recommendations

     Possible combinations:
    • The colour black looks wonderful as a strong, clear and simple contrast to our white, maybe a printing colour or for envelopes. It’s a classic combination that will never go out of style.
    • A golden Brown looks very noble and elegant on our white. These are our two standard colours for letterpress, which we use frequently.
    • After all, our White can be combined with any colour and is the perfect background for different styles and occasions. It’s clean, chic and extremely versatile.
     Fonts I would recommend with White:



    Handmade Paper White DIN B6 Sheets

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