Don’t you just love the look of calligraphy on handmade paper?
It’s timeless, pure, and elegant.

If you’re a calligrapher or you appreciate beautiful handwriting, you might’ve wondered the best way to write on my handmade paper with a nib. I’ll let you in on my personal secret: Because I’m a calligrapher myself, one of my first priorities for my paper was that it had to be easy to write on. Before I started making it myself, I had tried so many different varieties of paper. I was always left feeling a little frustrated. The texture of the paper and my nibs just didn’t seem to like each other. In the process of developing my own paper and refining my calligraphy, I also developed a great way to finally reconcile paper and pen.

I recommend using a pointed nib. For me, it’s Nikko G or Zebra G.

Here is the tiny but mighty trick: when you move the pen upwards, avoid putting any pressure on the paper at all. If you apply too much pressure, the fibres will peel off the paper. This is the common way to work with a pointed nib anyway. But all too often, although we know better, we still apply pressure without even realising it. You don’t really notice it on industrial paper, but you do with handmade paper.

So it might take a little practice (just a little!) but if you work softly and lightly, you can achieve beautiful, delicate results.

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