What are the best printers for printing on handmade paper?

You've probably asked that yourself many times. And maybe you've even hesitated to order our handmade paper because you weren't sure if it's even possible to print on handmade paper with beautiful, professional results that you can proudly show and sell to your clients. Well, we can happily say: It is very well possible and not even hard. Our paper has been optimised for professional modern needs and will easily accomodate your designs.

First of all, here's a a helpful blog post by the amazing María on how to print on handmade paper.
And now, finally, here's our list of printer recommendations to the rescue. We've asked our community of trustworthy and amazing designers and handmade paper lovers which ones they love and use. And our own studio printer is in there as well!

Whichever you choose, make sure to buy from the professional range of printer manufacturers, because they yield the best results and have the longest life span. We also recommend using photo printers for best results.

So, no more hesitations and doubts, now you're fully prepared to finally digitally print your gorgeous designs on our handmade paper. We'll keep updating this list in the future: 

This is not a sponsored post and we dont't receive any compensation from any of these printer manufacturers.

List of printer recommendations to digitally print on handmade paper:

HP printers:

  • HP Color Laser Jet Pro M 454 dw
  • HP Color Laser Jet Pro M 479

Canon Printers:

  • Canon Pixma Pro 100 s
  • Canon Pixma ix 6580
  • Canon Pro 200


  • Epson sc P800

 And now, happy creations!


  • Eliv Rosenkranz

    Please note, this list is a suggestion. We recommend looking into the newest model of the printers we recommend since their properties will probably be very similar. We also listed criteria to look for in printers in the blog post – look out for those when researching your printer.
    Happy creations!

  • Chloe


    Do you have an up to date list of printers as most of these have been discontinued and the one that hasn’t isn’t a large format printer. Thanks in advance!

  • Synne

    Hi! This post was helpful :) But do the HP Laserjets print on thick paper up to 110lb/300gsm?

  • Denise

    This article is so helpful! Thank you!! Keep them coming!

  • Annie

    Hi what model printer do you use to print your handmade paper?

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