What's the perfect size for a wedding invitation, DIN B6 or A7?

What's the difference and
how can you work and design with each format?


What is DIN B6 and A7? Why do we offer them both even if they are similar? Why have the two formats made it into our basic formats and are produced regularly?



- DIN B6 is 119 x 170 mm / 4.69 x 6.69 inches

- It is often used in Europe and German - speaking countries for invitations. 

- DIN B6 is not as big as DIN A5, and bigger than DIN A6, it is the perfect middleground.

- It still offers enough space for beautiful designs and is big enough for intricate botanical wreaths.

- Designs with negative space work great with it while you still have enough space to print the most important info on it in a readable font size.

- DIN B6 is also popular in folded cards and greeting cards; on request we can produce DIN B6 folded cards for you.


A7 in comparison:

- A7 has 128 x 180 mm / 5 x 7 inches

- It is larger than DIN B6, but similar in format.

- It's a North American paper format and is mainly used there

- DIN B6 sheets and A7 envelopes can also be combined well, in case something is not in stock.

- A7 is great if you don't want a sheet as big as DIN A5 but need more space than B6. 

So, in conclusion:

Both are wonderful formats that you, our customers, adore! That's why we often produce them several times a week. Both formats are mainly used for wedding invitations, or invitations for birthdays, christenings or other celebrations since they offer a lot of space for information for your guests but also leave enough room for aesthetic design elements.

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