Handmade paper has its very own beautiful texture. It’s more tactile and organic than industrial paper and that’s why we love it so much. It has its very own character and charm and immediately gives life and style to anything you write on it.

But of course you need the right kind of pens for that. Eliv Rosenkranz paper has a rather smooth surface, because as a calligrapher myself I wanted to offer something that’s fun to write on.

Before you start writing, you’ll first need the right kind of pens.
Here are some of my favorite pen and paper combinations:

  • I recommend gel liners and rollerballs filled with ink.
  • For calligraphy the pointed nibs Nikko G and Zebra G work best on the paper.
  • You can also work with everyday household pens you already have, if you’re not a calligraphy geek. A simple pencil works great and its delicate strokes work surprisingly great with the paper texture.
  • A classic fountain pen also works and as an extra bonus will give you a regal vintage feel while writing ;-) 

I would not recommend a ballpoint - it does work but won’t look as nice as the other options because it will sink into the paper while you write.

These are recommendations coming directly from Claudia, Eliv Rosenkranz founder and creative director. But because we love our paper community, we also asked one of you for recommendations to give you the full picture. Stay tuned – very soon Zarah of Zarah Calligraphy will give you her best tricks.

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