TELL US ABOUT... a soft and romantic design inspired by the English countryside by Lindsay Seddon, England

Lindsay Seddon from England:

"Full bleed letterpress backgrounds, to me, is such a unique way to layer letterpress printing, creating evenmore tactile and compositional interest."

Tell us about yourself quickly please….

My name is Lindsay Seddon, I am the owner and founder of Tpel Paper & Press. We specialize in designing and letterpress printing wedding stationery and luxury greeting cards. I would say my style is timeless and elegant, and I’m always up for adding in unique, visual interest.

How did this particular design come to be?

This specific design was for a couple and their wedding stationery. We did a similar design for a previous client using an oil painting for the background of their local area for the main invitation, and this couple wanted to use that same concept for their main invitation. Their wedding day color palette consisted of blush pinks, brown tones, soft oranges, and purples. They wanted to reflect a Yorkshire sunset.

What was the mood you wanted to evoke?

We wanted to create something moody, romantic, and timeless. Using a deep purple as an anchor pushed the color palette just enough, and the soft blush pink handmade paper from Eliv Rosenkranz with brown tones (like the ink color) kept the rest of the suite coherent and soft on the eyes. The gold foil on the main invitation brought a subtle glow, and elevated the suite perfectly.


Why did you choose these particular colours and colour combinations? What did you want to express with that?

We chose these colors because this was the pallet they were envisioning for their wedding day through flowers, linens, and tableware. They wanted to reflect a Yorkshire sunset (where the bride was from), which consisted of a lovely balance of warm and cool colors. This set the tone for a stunningly timeless and romantic color combination we were aiming for.

Why did you choose these particular formats and combination of formats? Which effect did you want to achieve?

We wanted to keep the Tpel style and look using a full bleed background (the fig branch on the details card and the painting on main invitation), an elegant Serif font, and use of color. Full bleed letterpress backgrounds, to me, is such a unique way to layer letterpress printing, creating even more tactile and compositional interest. I approach wedding suites a lot like I approach a painting (I have an oil painting background); through color, layering, and composition. I look at the wedding suite as a whole, and try to give each element in the suite its own voice, then bring it all together through color and material. Adding a timeless element such as a cipher, was something the couple really wanted, and went on to use in other areas of their wedding day, such as embroidered napkins.  I am always up for a custom cipher and think it’s something so unique you can echo beyond your wedding suite and into your wedding day for your guests to recognize and appreciate.


Are there any particular style elements that you want to talk about? Things that are typical for your designs? Or also: totally unusual in your designs?

Following the question above, my style has very much harnessed the approach of creating a suite with use of color and composition, much like I approach a painting. I love color theory, I love playing with scale, and I enjoy pushing the boundaries of letterpress respectively through layering and composition within the margins of such a small perimeter.

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