TELL US ABOUT... A close look on a special design. With modern cool brush lettering by Cornelia Studer, Switzerland

Cornelia Studer from Switzerland:

"People should give free reign to their creativity. Have courage to dare new things. Their own work must not look like in the textbook. But be their own style."


Tell us about yourself quickly please....

My name is Cornelia Studer. I am from Switzerland & write with all my heart & soul. Freestyle. To touch the heart of the reader. It's the joy of writing itself, on beautiful paper materials. My style is very simple. Minimalist. Everything is energy. My writing is to bring light & joy.



CORNELIA STUDER KALLIGRAFIE I founded in December 2015. I also like to show some stuff on Instagram - for me a wonderful source of inspiration & possibility to get to know people & papers like Eliv Rosenkranz. My favourite things to write are name cards, address pads, anything for weddings & birth announcements.  


How did this particular design come to be?

I had the pleasure of writing the wedding invitations for a wonderful bride and groom. The groom is a photographer. I met him at an event. He took pictures & I wrote cards.The bride & groom saw handmade paper on my Instagram feed & knew: this is what we want for our wedding invitations.



I sent the bride & groom the link to Eliv Rosenkranz. On the website, the bride and groom looked at all different beautiful paper colours & sizes. They chose the A6 cards in clay & envelope in wheat. The two colours harmonize beautifully. The card is the most important thing and is allowed to stand out from the envelope. Once I knew the format & colour, I wrote a few samples for the bride & groom. The bride & groom had ideas about my font & placement of the names & the saying.

Although the bride & groom had clear ideas & picked out the paper, the invitation design absolutely fits me & my style.Clay is a favourite colour of mine & I love writing in white. Plus, I love the simplicity of it. As simple as possible. Minimalism. Lots of air & space. Tranquillity. And the paper should definitely show off too & not be overloaded with words or sketches.


What was the mood you wanted to evoke?

When I write, it's always for a reason: I write with all my heart & want to touch the heart of the reader. I write for the pure joy of writing. The letters do not have to be written perfectly beautiful. But with heart. That reaches the reader.



The Eliv Rosenkranz paper is perfect for me. Because the Eliv Rosenkranz team makes paper with so much indescribable love [thank you, Cornelia!]. Everything is energy and that just comes across. Everything fits together and makes sense: colours, formats & especially the feeling when you hold it in your hands. I have no words. The fact that the paper can also be perfectly written on with gouache colour, makes it perfect for me.  


Why did you choose these particular colours and colour combinations? What did you want to express with that?

My clients chose this colour & format. Because colour & format are just beautiful, harmonize with each other & match the lettering. Colour & format I find important. I decide depending on the occasion & the design for colour & format. I want it to be harmonious. And sometimes I match the design to the colour & format. They should also reflect the sender.

These days I start with my Advent / Christmas collection. I have chosen clay in a square format. Clay because I like it. I love light tones. Especially white. And white on clay is beautiful to me. Harmonious, calm. Warm. Light. Vibrates on the heart level. I find clay alone touches the heart. Square because it is something different. And it’s the optimal shape for a star - or even a heart shape.



Why did you choose these particular formats and combination of formats? Which effect did you want to achieve?

The bride and groom chose the colour & format. We highlighted the names with brushlettering. The names are the most important thing on the page & must be clearly visible at first glance. With a thicker brush, but in lowercase letters. The placement of the names I have adapted to the format. The saying should be easy to read, not "steal the show" from the names and vary from the font of the names.



Are there any particular style elements that you want to talk about? Things that are typical for your designs? Or also: totally unusual in your designs?

My style is very understated. Minimalist. I most enjoy writing "freestyle". Sweeping in lowercase & clean lines in uppercase. I call it "modern calligraphy". But I have made the experience that the view of "modern calligraphy" can be understood differently. It’s much more about the writing & the interaction with paper, colour & format is about feeling. I don't follow any particular label. I choose the paper, colour & format according to feeling & eye.

People should give free reign to their creativity. Have courage to dare new things. To try out. Find their own style. Their own work must / should not look like in the textbook. But be your own style.


See more of Cornelia's work on her website.


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