Reduced shipping costs – How to save on shipping fees

At Eliv Rosenkranz, we take pride in our handcrafted paper products and strive to deliver them to customers all around the world. However, when we conduct surveys on why some customers have yet to place an order with us, the most common reason given is high shipping costs. We understand this concern from a customer's perspective, but for us, shipping costs are not just a matter of price, but also a matter of ensuring safe and timely delivery.

Over time, we've collaborated with several shipping companies and gained valuable experience in finding the best balance between cost and quality. While opting for the cheapest shipping option may seem like an obvious choice for some, it's important to note that sometimes the lowest price doesn't always guarantee the best service. 

In this blog post, we'll be sharing tips on how you can save on shipping costs without sacrificing the quality of your delivery. 

Looking to save on shipping fees for your handmade paper purchases? Check out our latest blog post where we share tips and tricks on how to reduce shipping costs.

How to save on shipping costs without compromising quality

As a company that ships high-quality handmade paper products worldwide, it's crucial for us to ensure that every package arrives intact and in as timely a manner as possible. We understand that shipping costs can be a concern for our customers, which is why we offer reduced and even free shipping on orders above a certain value.

Many people are not aware of this, but the higher the order value, the lower the shipping cost. The threshold for free shipping varies depending on the destination country. For more information on our specific policies and thresholds, please refer to our website at

We believe that everyone should have access to our beautiful products, no matter where they are in the world. By taking advantage of our reduced and free shipping options, you can save money while still receiving your order in a safe and timely manner.

Our Commitment to Sustainable and Affordable Shipping

At Eliv Rosenkranz, we understand that shipping costs can be a significant factor when it comes to making a purchase. That's why we want to be transparent about our shipping policies and explain why we've chosen not to offer free shipping as a blanket policy.

Firstly, we believe in sustainable shipping practices. By packing our packages full and avoiding unnecessary trips across the globe, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

Secondly, we believe in responsible consumption. We want our customers to be mindful of their purchases and make intentional choices when ordering from us. By incentivizing larger orders with reduced or free shipping costs, we hope to encourage this kind of thoughtful purchasing behavior. However, we also recognize that shipping is an essential service that people rely on every day. 

In summary, at Eliv Rosenkranz, we are committed to sustainable and affordable shipping practices that strike a balance between affordability, responsibility, and environmental stewardship. 

Thank you for choosing us as your handmade paper supplier - together let's continue to make more mindful consumption choices!

Looking to save on shipping fees for your handmade paper purchases? Check out our latest blog post where we share tips and tricks on how to reduce shipping costs.


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