It’s finally here! You’ve been looking at it for months. You finally ordered your very first bundle of handmade paper. 
Though you’re probably excited to start working with it, you can’t use it all up at once. With all of that extra paper you’re saving for later, how do you store it properly? 
Handmade paper is organic yet delicate, which makes it so beautiful to use and to look at. But it’s important to adhere to a few simple rules to prolong its life and enjoy it for as long as you can.

  • The paper needs to breathe. If it’s delivered covered in plastic,
    please take it out immediately or it can get mouldy. 

  • Handmade paper adjusts to the general humidity around it. It’s best to store the paper in a horizontal position, lying flat. Put something heavy on top of it so it doesn’t crinkle and bend when the surrounding air gets humid. 

  • This leads to the most important tip: Always store your paper lying flat in a dry environment. If it’s not lying flat, it’s very likely the paper will bend or curl into a weird shape.


Now that you’re prepared with these tips, enjoy your handmade paper and start creating.
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Photos: Katja Scherle

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  • Sabine aus WO(rms) in Deutschland

    Wie gut, daß ich sie so aufbewahre ;)
    Ach ich freu´ mich über neue Papiere.
    Sie sind sooo schön anzufassen und beschreiben lassen sie sich auch toll.
    Alles Liebe – stay safe and healthy
    Sabine aus WO

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