Again and again we get asked if we sell folded cards. We rarely do but it’s so easy to make them yourselves – you will never want to buy them again! In this blog post we’re going to show you the different formats and possibilities.

DIN A6 becomes DIN A7
DIN A5 becomes DIN A6
DIN A4 becomes DIN A5
DL becomes almost square
A7 becomes 4BAR


You need a folding bone and a little bit but not a lot of practice in your fingers.

Place the edges together and straighten roughly. This step is a bit tricky because with handmade paper you don’t have the straight cut edges to guide you. It is a matter of intuition and often the most beautiful structures are created by uneven edges. 

Depending on what you want to use the card for, you can let the bottom half of the card show. Or the other way round, let the top half show, so the bottom is invisible.

First, I fold it roughly with my fingers (run a finger over the edge) and then I run the folding bone over it again to make a clean edge.

There you go, a folded card from handmade paper!

We recommend purchasing a folding bone and maybe a scoring board if you plan to make many folded cards at once.

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