How to arrange handmade paper prints in your home

Our letterpressed handmade paper cards not only work as simple cards to write and print on – they’re also pieces of art. Art that works beautifully in your home décor and as little timeless accents pieces. But how do you style handmade paper prints in your house or apartment? We asked one of our favourite interior experts, Melanie Kuglitsch of Wiener Wohnsinn. She’s Austria’s leading home décor blogger and we love her modern minimalist style and sense for fine art and high quality. Here are her easy tips on how to make handmade paper prints work in your home: 

When you want to create a cosy home, pictures are essential. They make for a comfortable atmosphere, give a simple room more character and – as many don’t know – they work wonders for a room’s acoustics.

I just love giving my home a whole new look with just a few simple changes, sometimes even more frequently than seasons change. The most simple method is of course textiles like pillows in the living room. But pictures can transform a room just as well and quickly. 

Single pictures look great when you lean them against walls, behind a coffee table book or decorative elements. This is really just the fastest way to change up your home décor. Often I will only switch out the pictures inside the gallery wall on top of my sofa – and the frames will stay in place. This way you will also avoid puncturing your walls with nails.

Now that winter comes and we’re left with only a few hours of daylight here in Central Europe, I adapted my wall designs to the current light situation. I wanted something bright and friendly. I attached the beautiful Eliv Rosenkranz illustrations, printed on handmade paper, to different coloured craft paper with double sided tape. This way you can easily peel them off again and maybe change the colour of the backdrop paper. The coloured paper nicely highlights the pretty paper and its deckled edges.

Personally, I like to remove the glass from my picture frames to have a full view on the piece of art inside. Normally the reflections of the glass would detract from fully enjoying the art.

It’s especially beautiful when there’s a repetition of contents or colours within groupings of frames. It feels calming to the viewer’s eye and you won’t get bored of your arrangement.

A small tip on gallery walls: It’s very helpful to style your pieces in the correct order or arrangement on the floor. This will help you to see if and how the pictures work together in the composition you’ve planned. And on top of that you’ll get a sense of the height the highest or lowest picture should hang and what distance between pictures works best.

Starting with the biggest or the most central image, you’ll then install piece by piece on your wall.


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