THE MANY WAYS OF PAPER - A DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: with Barbara Frey from Bloom Wedding

Introducing our latest Designer Spotlight feature on the blog, "The Many Ways of Paper"! In this series, we showcase talented designers who work with our handmade paper to create stunning and unique pieces. For this edition, we had the pleasure of interviewing Barbara Frey from Bloom Wedding

Her exquisite wedding stationery designs are a testament to her passion for creating beautiful things with paper. Join us as we delve into her creative process and gain insights into her inspirations and techniques. Get ready to be inspired by the magic of handmade paper!

a designer spotlight with Barbara Frey from Bloom Wedding

Bloom Wedding Papeterie & Calligraphy – Crafting Timeless Elegance with Handmade Paper

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Hi, my name is Barbara and my studio is located in Bruck an der Leitha, Lower Austria. Creativity runs in the family and has been passed down for many generations. I hold a degree in photography and multimedia, as well as a certification as a media designer. After spending some years working in traditional advertising agencies, I decided to take the leap into self-employment. Following my own wedding, where I created all the stationery myself, I realized that this was an area where I could fully unleash my creativity.

Originally, my clients were split between private and business customers. Nowadays, I mostly work with private clients and specialize in wedding stationery. While most of my customers are from German-speaking countries, I also frequently work with couples from around the world.

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Show us one of your favourite designs and tell us about how it came to be. 

It's not easy to choose just one set from among so many that have been created. However, among the latest designs and invitations for the upcoming wedding season, I particularly love the design and execution of Natalie & Senaid's invitation.

We used two different paper tones - sage and pale blush - along with delicate illustrations that were tied together with thread and a wax seal. The result is delicate, ethereal, unique and special. The process was quick - all cards were printed at my studio, seals were created and everything was assembled.

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What are your favourite colours to work with right now? And why?

My favourite colours currently are white, pale blush and greige. I love it when everything is very minimalist, delicate, bright and has a touch of elegance. These colours can be combined beautifully and fit perfectly into my designs.

Your all-time favourite colour in Hex, and how would you describe it?

I don't have a favourite colour, as there are simply so many beautiful colours and combinations out there. It also depends on what is desired and how the design looks. But since I appreciate everything that is delicate, light, warm and feminine, I choose a warm, soft and feminine shade - #dbc9c3.

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Which of all our colours of handmade paper do you like best if you had to chose one? 

Pale blush

Colour combination that will never go out of style? Colour combination that will make a comeback?

Delicate combinations with white, beige and gray tones are always in style and can be easily combined with other elements. However, I have noticed that bolder and more intense colours and colour combinations have been very popular this year.

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What are design elements that you use consistently in your work?

My style is very delicate, fine and floral. I illustrate and watercolour everything myself now. Fine illustrations such as flowers, leaves, locations and wedding logos are a big part of my work. Depending on the taste and preferences of the couple, watercolouring may also be done in the watercolour style or combined with other techniques.

Additionally, calligraphy is a big part of my work. All cards are either hand-calligraphed by me or digitized before being digitally printed. Further embellishments such as gold leafing, hot foil stamping, blind embossing are performed by hand at my studio - complementing my style perfectly.

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How do you see handmade paper? Is it a more modern or a more retro design element?

I think it's both!

What inspires you? 

I find inspiration in everyday life. In nature, on holiday, in other cities. Often at antique markets, in the Bauhaus and furniture stores. Carpets and tiles are also always very aspiring to me. I love going to exhibitions of painting and photography, and I absorb so much that I then incorporate into my work.

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Your dream design project?

There are so many beautiful projects and assignments. Often great overall concepts arise from a team of professionals where everyone can showcase their strengths and create inspiration for bridal couples. That's why I love participating in style shoots so much.

It's hard for me to name one specific project as the ultimate dream project because these special assignments often come together unexpectedly. But if I had to think big, a royal wedding without budget constraints would be something truly special.

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If you had to use only one font on handmade paper for the rest of your designer's life, which would it be?

It would definitely be my own calligraphy font!

Are you secretly a serif or sans serif person?


Which three words best describe your style?

Floral, delicate, elegant.

Did you teach it yourself, or did you go to school for design?

I have completed an apprenticeship but continue to educate myself through various workshops, books, and personal research.

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How did you learn calligraphy?

The love for writing has been with me for a long time. Handwritten letters and cards have always fascinated me and evoke a special nostalgia in me. Knowing that someone took the time to write a letter by hand using such beautiful lettering adds great value and appreciation. 

Calligraphy has been part of my life for six years now, and I cannot imagine being without it any more. I taught myself everything through lots of practice and daily use in my work with Bloom Wedding.

Your guilty pleasure in design? 

Design is reflected in so many areas, but decoration and interior design have captured my heart. Different shapes, textures, colours, and patterns - I could shop for them endlessly. ;) I absolutely adore kitsch - from plastic chandeliers to bold abstract paintings.

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Why do you like working with handmade paper? 

After spending a long time working in agencies, I finally found what suits me best: individual stationery designs that represent who I am as an artist while also allowing me to grow creatively. As someone who loves tactile experiences, working with paper is incredibly fulfilling for me - especially when it comes to handmade papers like yours! The texture is so soft and delicate; it prints beautifully; it's easy to write on; it complements my light style perfectly!

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We hope you enjoyed getting to know Barbara Frey and her stunning wedding stationery designs as much as we did! Her passion for creating beautiful things with paper truly shines through in every piece she creates. We are honoured to have had the opportunity to showcase her work in our Designer Spotlight feature, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

If you're feeling inspired by Barbara's designs, be sure to check out our handmade paper selection and start creating your own unique pieces today.

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