COLOUR STORIES - How a shade comes to life: Greige

Like in each creative workshop, developing a product can be a long, sometimes tedious process. At Eliv Rosenkranz one of our biggest challenges was our colours. In the beginning we specialised in neutrals only, then we wanted a few deeper and more colourful shades in our repertoire too. Finding the right pigments, the right moods, spotting trends while creating a timeless product - our founder and creative director Claudia talks about all of these aspects in our new series: COLOUR STORIES - How a shade comes to life.

When I founded the company, I had very clear ideas of certain colours, but often didn't know how to mix them. As the business grew, my mixing skills grew, so I was also able to get closer and closer to my vision. With Greige this road was not that straight forward. In the beginning, I had a grey-brown in mind, but it became too dark during the experiments and didn't really appeal to me. For a while I dismissed the idea of this colour but it always stayed in the back of my mind. A real, true Greige would have been the perfect Eliv Rosenkranz colour.

Then the new custom colours came and we changed pigments in 2021. This was the chance: a new try on our very own take on the trendy Greige. We found a recipe and finally the colour was named Greige. Earlier this year, the colour was tweaked again and made permanently lighter. I wanted to offer a neutral, light colour that would be the perfect base for many different projects, but not white. A warm, light grey – and this is where we are now. I’m very happy I couldn’t and wouldn’t let go of that idea.


Claudia’s personal design suggestions:

Beautiful wedding invitation design by Bloom Wedding Design:

Envelopes with beautiful liners by Lake Como by Plumecalligraphy:

Font recommendations

  • Straight forward, simplistic, with a lot of character: Sailec


A beautifully done modern calligraphy font: La Roche

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