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Practice writing on handmade paper on these simple and pretty bits and pieces of Eliv Rosenkranz paper.

They come almost free with your order of handmade paper, limited stock.

Are you afraid of ruining your precious handmade paper? Are you unsure how your handwriting works with the texture of the paper? We have your solution! These adorable practice paper bundles may be scraps from our workshop, but they’re perfect for practicing your calligraphy and handwriting skills.
Test our paper, practice your writing movements, use different pens and various styles. Become confident and get acquainted with our paper before actually writing your final design on our different sheets and envelopes.


  • Practice your design, writing, project on lovely little scraps from our workshop.
  • Limited stock only. Get them while we have them.
  • They’re almost free of charge in combination with an order of our other paper products.
  • Limited stock only - that's why we can't guarantee to deliver the exact amount you order once we run out of paper.


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