FÜR - VON calligraphy bone // Set of 5 Gift Tags

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Set of five FÜR - VON | Christmas collection

These minimalist but impactful tags will make your gift wrapping even more fun and really easy.

Combine them with your favourite twine (here are our favourites) and some simple wrapping paper and your presents are ready to go. Or maybe you don’t even need wrapping paper. 

Set of tags, "FÜR - VON" 
Letterpressed on handmade paper. All created in our workshop in Lower Austria. 

5 Gift Tags with black ink on handmade paper (55 x 105mm)

We love neutral colours. They are timeless, go with everything and look great on anything and anyone. We carry a lovely selection of 8 colours, covering a wide range of colour familes, but also staying in our signature muted, timeless realm. Here's a helpful overview of our Basic Colours.
 Handmade Paper Colour Guide


Greige Handmade Paper Eliv Rosenkranz


Wheat Handmade Paper Eliv Rosenkranz


Pale Blush Handmade Paper Eliv Rosenkranz


Slate Blue Handmade Paper Eliv Rosenkranz


Clay Handmade Paper Eliv Rosenkranz


Sage Handmade Paper Eliv Rosenkranz


Dusty Rose Handmade Paper Eliv Rosenkranz

Please note that we mainly offer European Formats. These are all marked with "DIN".

In order to expand our range of products, we’re including the format A7 (5"x7") and 4 BAR based on North American Standard Paper Formats.

Handmade Paper Format Guide Eliv Rosenkranz Sizes

FÜR - VON calligraphy bone // Set of 5 Gift Tags
FÜR - VON calligraphy bone // Set of 5 Gift Tags

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