Experiment Bundle PETAL COLLECTION 20

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Our Experiment Bundles are here to inspire your most creative spring projects. And they are a great deal!

Our latest Experiment Bundle collection is inspired by the abundance of spring petals everywhere: soft roses, blues, greens. Get inspired with our limited edition handmade paper and create those unique spring projects!

No two Bundles are alike. They don't have fixed amounts of paper. We can't tell you how many sheets or formats are in one bundle. That's the wonderful thing about Experiment Bundles: You pick the one you adore most and let it fuel your creativity. 

  • Experiment Bundles: collection of sheets and envelopes with matching colours
  • Each Bundle is unique, no fixed amount of paper
  • The fun of Bundles: Fall in love with one (or several) and let them inspire you when you receive them!
  • PLEASE NOTE: These are not our regular colours! They are not to be used as samples. 
Experiment Bundle PETAL COLLECTION 20
Experiment Bundle PETAL COLLECTION 20