Experiment Bundle 25 // Blues & Greens

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Our Experiment Bundles are here to inspire your most creative projects. And they are a great deal!

Beautiful handmade paper, put together in bundles of matching colors. No Bundle is like the other, they don't have fixed amounts of paper. We can't tell you how many sheets or formats are in one bundle. That's the wonderful thing about Experiment Bundles: You pick the one you adore most and let it fuel your creativity. 

A collection of Blues and Greens like you've always asked us to do.
We included our Basic Colours Slate Blue and Clay but also created some new shades that feel fresh but still stay neutral and timeless. These Bundles remind us of the Great Outdoors we miss so much right now, of all the beautiful tones of nature. Depending on the design, they make for wedding invitations with a romantic vintage feel, reminiscent of regal Patina. Match them with gold letterpress or hot foil and they become incredibly romantic. Or they’re the perfect brand colours for florists, spas, even al fresco caterers. These friendly coloured Bundles will refresh your creativity.
Experiment Bundle 25 // Blues & Greens
Experiment Bundle 25 // Blues & Greens