I am married and mom to two girls. We live in a tiny village in Lower Austria. After I acquired the skill of Calligraphy for my own wedding and developed my own style, I discovered handmade paper for the first time - it became my obsession!

In December of 2016, I constructed handmade paper for the first time. Even though the results were not very satisfying this first iteration, I was amazed by the repetition of movements.

There is something calming about fashioning paper. The work with water and pulp gives the body, mind, and soul the freedom to concentrate on the basics.

Especially in today’s fast moving world; handmade paper has a new value and meaning. From the preparation of the paper mass (the pulp), the work with deckle (sifter used in the production of), to the dried and pressed paper pages, this process demands endurance and patience.

Every single piece of paper is unique and made in order to bring joy to loved ones.

My wish is that my handmade paper will always carry this joy with it and that it will give your occasion a lovely and personal note.


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