A beautiful invitation, a carefully crafted letter, a passionate love note, a letter of gratitude. Using handmade paper for each of these moments connects you with those you love most. In a world of text messages and emails, I encourage you to send a handwritten letter on handmade paper. Pen put to paper is always a special occasion.

Hallo, I’m Claudia. A German-Speaking, Paper Making Creative. I spend my days living in a small Austrian village chasing after my two young girls and making heirloom-quality handmade paper in my home studio.

After I acquired the skill of Calligraphy for my own wedding and developed my own style, I discovered handmade paper for the first time and found myself completely in my element. Learning how to make the paper, and pair it with my love for calligraphy finally felt like a match made in heaven.

I’ll never forget the first time I created a sheet of handmade paper. It was December 2016, and as I mixed the water and pulp and pressed my first page, I was entranced by the repetitive movement, and how calming the process was (you can read all about my process here). That first sheet of paper was a bit of a mess, but I felt enlightened and enlivened by the calming experience and the way it connected my body, mind and soul together in art. It became a meditation for me.

Since I’m a calligrapher, I know all about what makes an ideal handmade paper, and I’ve worked to develop the perfect texture for nib and pen. Few people make things by hand anymore, and this simple paper has become a luxurious novelty. Every single piece of Eliv Rosenkranz paper is unique, custom, and made to order by hand in my home studio, then lovingly shipped to customers across the globe.

My mother still writes me letters and birthday cards by hand, and I save every one. My greatest wish is that my handmade paper will carry the same joy I feel to you and help you create personal heirlooms that capture and express the beauty of your life.


Thats's me

Photos by
Katja Scherle