Experiment Bundle 45 // Ochre and Yellow

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Our Experiment Bundles are here to inspire your most creative projects. And they are a great deal!

Beautiful handmade paper, put together in bundles of matching colors. No Bundle is like the other, they don't have fixed amounts of paper. We can't tell you how many sheets or formats are in one bundle. That's the wonderful thing about Experiment Bundles: You pick the one you adore most and let it fuel your creativity. 

A collection of rich and warm Ochre and Earth tones.
From Mustard, Soft Yellow to Clay – these Bundles will immediately evoke warmer times and far away destinations (at least for us, here in Austria). This palette was created to help you through grey and dreary winter days. It feels flavorful yet stays within our signature Eliv Rosenkranz muted schemes. This way, it adapts to a lot of different designs. It can make your Boho wedding invitations shine but also makes for impactful brand stationery. Or even move it to a modernist, 1960s inspired minimalist design. These Bundles will incite your creativity in an unexpected way.
Experiment Bundle 45 // Ochre and Yellow
Experiment Bundle 45 // Ochre and Yellow