Our Basic Colours are our go-to colours of handmade paper for every design project. They come in seven timeless neutral shades from different colour families: White, Grey, Pale Blush, Earth, Clay, Slate Blue, Terracotta. We regularly produce them, so we usually have them in stock and they ship fast. Since they cover a wide range of shades in their perfectly neutral spirit, they’re the canvas for almost any design project. See our Basic Colours below.
Are you looking for something that is out of stock or in not enough stock? Simply order via our Made-To-Order section and everything will be freshly produced for you. 
Are you looking for a certain format and can't find it here? It's probably in our Made-To-Order section, simply order it from there. It will be freshly produced for you after purchase.
PLEASE NOTE: Since our workshop is running near full capacity at the moment (thanks to you, our wonderful customers), we´re slightly backed up with production. This means there can be some delay in processing and shipping your order. We ask for a little bit of patience. We´re working to get everything back on track as soon as possible.