Our new shop system

Since you're here on our site and you're a regular customer, you might already have noticed that we changed our shop system. Eliv Rosenkranz is growing and we couldn't be happier about being a part of this wonderful community. To be able to serve you best, we changed our shop system.

A quick overview

Our Made To Order-section has disappeared because we will focus on our ready-to-ship stock which will include both a selection of both Basic and Custom Colours.

We now list each combination of colour and format individually, so not in colour groups anymore. Browse through and find exactly the combination you're looking for much quicker.

If an item is in stock, you can purchase it and it usually ships very fast (within 1-3 business days). You can tell if it's in stock, if there's stock indicated (like 10 items in stock - see image below).

Please note this does not refer to each individual sheet, but to each set of sheets or envelopes - usually 10 or 20 pieces. So "10 items in stock" means "10 sets of 20 in stock", so 200 individual sheets.

If there's no stock indicated, it means we don't have it in stock at the moment. But you can still purchase it and it will go into production with your order. Production can take up to five weeks but will usually be faster.

Why this new system makes shopping handmade paper even better

  • faster shipping, also for some Custom Colours
  • reduced waiting time for a selection of Custom Colours
  • Custom Colours are now available in much smaller quantities as well
  • no more price difference between Custom Colours and Basic Colours

We hope that explains everything thoroughly and now wish you happy shopping! Onto a great 2022 paper season!


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